"As an officer in NAU student government, I attended monthly meetings with Dean Paul Jagodzinski.  He elicited student input on a variety of subjects in an attempt to keep student/faculty lines of communication open.  This dialogue was constructive and resulted in positive decisions regarding NAU students and faculty."

Shayla Woodhouse

NAU '14 (Environmental Engineering) and former ASNAU Senator


"As a colleague of Paul when he was a fellow physical chemist and Department Chair he always provided strong leadership and advocacy during difficult financial periods.  He helped the Department grow by keeping the future in mind.  He also provided leadership to the local ACS section and served as a Councilor for about 15 years.  His involvement at the national level gave our section a voice that it did not have before.  I think he would provide the same type of leadership as a member of the Board of Directors."

Ken Showalter

C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry

West Virginia University

"As a member of M&E, Paul always cared about the attendee's experiences at national and regional meetings. He focused on the ACS providing a quality technical program and an extensive exposition at a reasonable registration fee."

Former colleague on the Meetings & Expositions Committee


American Chemical Society

Paul W. Jagodzinski

"I have known Paul for many years while he was Local Section Officer and Councilor. I observed his capabilities while he was working on the Employment Task Force I chaired. I followed his activities as District Director during the past three years. I found him very active and diligent not just carrying out his assignment, but also being innovative and determined to propose solution to the problems. I was especially impressed by his genuine concern for the members interest of any demographic characteristics. I strongly recommend  his reelection. "

Attila E. Pavlath
ACS President 2001

"Dr. Jagodzinski constantly encouraged me to keep thinking and to keep meeting challenges knowing that I could do it.  As a woman minority I appreciated his confidence in me that I would succeed."

Teresa Spann

Former undergraduate research student