Local Section Service
    Colorado Local Section
    Executive Committee, 2002 – 2007; Alternate Councilor, 2005 – 2007; Past Chairperson, 2004;          Chairperson, 2003; Chairperson Elect, 2002
    Northern West Virginia Local Section
    Councilor, 1986-2001; Chairperson, 1984-1985; Chairperson Elect, 1983-1984; Nominating                Committee Chairperson, 1985-1986

 Division Service
    Physical Chemistry Division
    Councilor, 2008 - 2013


Board of Directors Activities

Task Force on Governance Design, Co-Chair, 2016-present
Committee on Professional and Member Relations, Member, 2015-present
Web Strategy and Innovation Subcommittee, Member, 2015-present
Committee on Grant and Awards, Member, 2015-2016

Awards Review Subcommittee, Member, 2015-2016
President’s Task Force on Employment, Member, 2015-present
Task Force on Governance Agility, Chair, 2015-2016
Task Force on Board Committee Review, Member, 2016
Task Force on Implementing National Meetings and Expositions Financial Targets
Recommendations, Chair, 2015

American Chemical Society, National Committees

Budget and Finance Committee, Member, 2001-2013, 2017-present

Program Review Subcommittee, 2017-present
Task Force on Financial Goals for National Meetings & Exposition Member, 2013-2014
Subcommittee on Financial Impacts of Constitutional Amendments, 2006 – 2010,                                      Chair 2007-2010

Advisory Subcommittee, Member, 2007-2013
Subcommittee on Program Funding Requests 2002 – 2006
Task Force on National Meeting Finances 2002 – 2003
Liaison to Meetings and Expositions Committee 2001- 2006
Program Review Advisory Group, Member, 2006 – 2012,  Chair, 2010-2012
Board of Directors Program Portfolio Management Oversight Group, Member, 2013-2014
Program Review Team, Chair, 2013-2014
National Meetings and Expositions Financial Goals Task Force, Member, 2013
Presidential Task Force on Support to Divisions and Local Sections, 2000
Meetings and Expositions Committee, Member, 1997-2001, Vice Chair, 2001
Finance Subcommittee Chair, 1999-2001
Consultant, 2001-2006
Women Chemists Committee, Member, 1988-1992
Canvassing Committee, Garvan Medal, 1989-1991

ACS professional Activities


American Chemical Society

Paul W. Jagodzinski